The study programme at the Faculty of Applied Languages focuses on application of foreign languages in cultural and economic environment. It is a great preparation for future career in the business sector. In my case, studying business English and German enabled me to get several job offers immediately after graduating. The Faculty encourages its students to enjoy many activities, to take part in the various events or to participate in international projects. During my studies, I had a chance to participate in the Erasmus programme as well as in the CEEPUS programme. Without a doubt it was the best time of my years at the university and a big asset for my life. Studying abroad is a remarkable experience, especially when the Faculty is supporting you.   

Veronika P., 2016 MA graduate


I can say with the utmost confidence that I have received valuable education that facilitated a quick and smooth start of my professional career as soon as I completed my studies. Nowadays, it is not enough to have a full command of one foreign language. In this respect, the labour market standards are constantly growing and so are employers' demands. This faculty offers a unique programme, which provides a combination of two foreign languages, intercultural communication and economics, which sets the graduates of this programme apart from other regular language programme graduates. I am more than content with my choice of university education, and what I truly appreciate was the possibility to deepen my knowledge and focus on fields that truly interested me with the help of qualified mentors. 

Dajana S., 2016 MA graduate


Thanks to my M.A. in intercultural communication at our faculty together with my language skills and Erasmus+ experience, I was lucky enough to find a job as a CR-assistant responsible for DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) countries and their marketing in Birmingham, in the UK. I personally think that the M.A.s are an important condition in order to be a successful professional, however the title in front of your name is not everything, as one needs to be experienced to be successful.“

Andrea H., 2014 MA graduate


Studying at the Faculty of Applied Languages was a remarkable experience which enabled me to expand my domain of expertise, to diversify my skills set and to grow professionally as well as personally. The high-quality education I gained at the Faculty of Applied Languages provided me with great insight into the study of intercultural communication and prepared me to proceed with my studies at graduate level in a multinational environment. The study programme's prime focus on business English and German was also a great preparation for pursuing my career in the business sector.

Lucia V., 2014 MA graduate

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