Department of Romance and Slavic languages (KRaSJ) has a high number of teaching staff with a linguistic diversity. Its members provide teaching of three Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian) and two Slavic (Russian and Slovak) languages at all UEBA faculties, in a wide range of subjects: from general to specialized language,realia, culture and communication, negotiations, that are completed with the final or state examination. The Department provides teaching of specialized language courses in the study program Foreign languages and Intercultural communication, in French and Spanish. As the only department, it also provides the third foreign language courses – for beginners (Faculty of International Relations and Faculty of Applied Languages).

The broad knowledge, rich experience and enthusiasm of the members of the Department are reflected not only in the teaching process and in the scientific and publishing activities, but also in activities promoting a cooperation with students and partner institutions home and abroad.

In order to promote positive awareness and promote organized public events, the University of Economics in Bratislava produces visual and audio recordings and publishes them on its website. In case of reservations to the published video and audio recordings, please make these reservations in writing to the following e-mail address: . Complete information on personal data processing here.