The main mission of the Faculty of Applied Languages of the University of Economics in Bratislava is to offer education of a high quality, which includes a high level of communicative competence in two foreign languages, intercultural communication, the basics of economics, law and selected disciplines of social sciences. In addition, the Faculty of Applied Languages provides teaching foreign languages for all the faculties of the University of Economics in Bratislava.

The concept of the Faculty of Applied Languages is based on an analysis of the educational objectives on which the Faculty focuses. It aims to respond to the requirements of the current society in an adequate manner and to prepare qualified professionals to meet demanding criteria as employees in the state administration, in international institutions, multinational  and national companies. Graduates of the Faculty will be educated in accordance with its profile. They have a good communicative competence in several languages, knowledge of the Slovak language, as well as the ability to apply acquired knowledge in practice.

FAL has an interdisciplinary character of study, which ranks among modern educational institutions that respond to different conditions in different cultures of the globalized world. The scientific research, publications, training and educational activities are related to the primary mission of the Faculty which makes conditions for strengthening its mission.

The emphasis which is put on the development of language skills and competences, intercultural communication and interdisciplinary approaches towards  the study fields belong to the principles of the educational process which enables the graduates of the new Faculty to find a wide range of working positions in the labor market. The foreign language acquisition and the acquisition of bi-cultural, and multicultural competence expands the European dimension of education in compliance with the current trend.

An integral part of  international activities of the Faculty is a cooperation with foreign educational institutions, which include educational exchanges of teachers and students, research projects and lectures of international experts.  In this way, the Faculty is expanding the activities and seeks new partners.


Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Radoslav Štefančík, MPol., Ph.D. 


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