The research activity of the Faculty of Applied languages is developed in accordance with the declared objectives in the field of basic and applied research in disciplines forming the core of the study program.

In the field of basic research, it is the creation of scientific fundamentals of linguistic, literary, culture- and translatology disciplines on the basis of the latest knowledge, in line with trends in humanities. In the field of applied research, the Faculty turns its attention to the theoretical issues related to the adoption of language competences, including cognitive sciences and in line with the recommendations of the Common European framework of reference for languages (CEFR).

Important areas of research activity are European language policy, language culture, linguistic aspects of communication in the academic and professional sphere, as well as the e-learning area. 


In terms of the research activity the Faculty of Applied Languages:

  • focuses on high-quality research and project activities in the field of humanities and social sciences,
  • promotes publication activities of Faculty members with a focus on quality and international importance,
  • creates conditions, promotes and stimulates the professional qualification growth of the Faculty members,
  • develops and intensifies high-quality research, design and publishing activity in the area of humanities and social sciences with a focus on the international aspect;
  • intensifies the links between research and education,
  • deepens cooperation with faculties of the University in the form of joint project and publishing activities with a focus on the international aspect (establishment of the Translation Centre FAJ).

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