The Faculty of Applied languages at the UE in Bratislava offers the possibility to undergo rigorous examination procedure:

Field of study: Foreign languages and cultures

Study program: Foreign languages and intercultural communication

Expert committees:

  1. Linguistics
  2. Regional and intercultural studies
  3. Translatology
  4. Specialized language


Within each expert committee, one of the following languages can be selected:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish


The rigorous examination procedure consists of a rigorous examination and a defense of the rigorous thesis. The rigorous examination procedure can be applied by a graduate of the II. level of higher education, who was awarded a Master's degree in the above or related study program and study field. After successful completion of the rigorous examination and successful defense of the rigorous thesis, the academic title "Doctor of Philosophy" (abb. "PhDr.") will be awarded to the candidate.

At the Faculty of Applied languages of the UE in Bratislava, the rigorous examination procedures are carried out under § 53 (sect.). 9, (b) (f) Act No 131/2002 of the universities and on change and on completion of certain acts as amended.

Applications for rigorous examination procedures can be submitted throughout the year.

Poplatky spojené s rigoróznym konaním a vydaním diplomu sú zverejnené každý rok v Internej smernici o školnom a poplatkoch na EU v Bratislave pre príslušný akademický rok.

For more detailed information on the course of the rigorous procedure at the Faculty of Applied languages at the UE in Bratislava, you will find at the Dean´s office of the Faculty.

HUDEK, Vladimír, Dipl. Ing., CSc.

HUDEK, Vladimír, Dipl. Ing., CSc.

Science administrator

D2.29 +421 2 6729 5229



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