The Student Parliament of  the Faculty of Applied Languages tries to create the most ideal environment for students. Members of the Student Parliament help the students of the Faculty with the study and announce them all the news from the Faculty events. They present problems and comments of the students to the Faculty management.

The Student Parliament's team of FAJ organizes various events for students, such as “Beánia”, various faculty parties, “Lámavica”, etc. It also cares for the accommodation and placement of students in student dormitories and tries to help students with their day-to-day problems.


Members of the student parliament at Faculty

Andrej Kalász - Chairman

Viktória Ružbarská - Vice-chairman

Stanka Bulvasová 

Erika Chreňová

Andrej Kiner

Noemi Mikle

Petra Predáčová

Terézia Sabolová

Alexandra Maria Zvrškovcová



Facebook: Facebook FanPage


Room: E2.07

Phone: +421 6729 5323

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